<![CDATA[Put A Sock In It - What's Happening?]]>Sat, 24 Feb 2018 07:28:18 -0600Weebly<![CDATA[New Year, New Socks?]]>Wed, 13 Jan 2016 03:01:16 GMThttp://putasockinit.org/2/post/2016/01/new-year-new-socks.htmlOne year ago, Put A Sock In It was just a small thought in the back of my mind. It's hard for me to believe that it has transpired from an idea into what it is today in such a short amount of time. I am INCREDIBLY grateful for everyone who has encouraged this idea, advised its creation, helped start drives, volunteered at events, donated their socks, and spread the word! Here are a few highlights from our first year:
We set up boxes in the University of Nebraska - Lincoln dorms to collect lost socks from college students throughout the year.

Our first collection of around 600 socks came from the UNL dorms at the end of the school year.

Shortly after, we created a student organization at UNL called Put A Sock In It Campus Volunteers to bring together college students interested in helping the cause.

After presenting our idea to a panel of judges, we won the Quick Pitch competition at UNL's Entrepreneuring Days. 

We registered as a nonprofit in the state of Nebraska. YIPPEE!!!

Later on in the year, we competed and placed first in UNL's 3-2-1 Quick Pitch Competition.

 Several times throughout the year, we gathered a small group of people to wash and sort socks. And we ALWAYS found a way to make it fun!

We held our first company drive at Li-Cor Biosciences who collected well over 1200 socks!

More drives followed at other businesses both in the area as well as in other parts of the country!

We distributed socks at the Lincoln Project Homeless Connect and a back-to-school event at the Salvation Army in addition to giving to the Micah House and the Center for People In Need.

During the fall, we were invited to interviews with USA Today College, Channel 8 KLKN Eyewitness News,  and 10/11 First News Nebraska.

After a wonderful holiday break, we are ready to get back to work. Already, we are starting out the new year with a couple hundred socks to sort! 

This year, we hope to continue to grow and reach out to more people in need. If 2016 is half as productive as last year, then we will be in good shape!